• Apple Watch comes to the rescue once again

    Date:15 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Over recent years there have been quite a few reports of Apple Watches contacting emergency services on behalf of someone that needed saving. Now it looks as though the trusty Apple Watch has saved another life, but not through its heart and ECG monitoring features.

    According to reports from Apple Insider, Sgt. Sosa of the Superior Police Department was arresting a wanted felon when he was stabbed in the leg during the process. During the struggle, Sosa fell to the ground resulting in his microphone being unplugged from his radio, meaning he was unable to call for back up or get in contact with his dispatcher, Gloria Wheeler.

    When Wheeler tried to get in contact with Sosa over his radio, she was greeted with nothing but silence. She then attempted to contact him via phone, which he answered via his Apple Watch. Sosa was then able to ask Wheeler to send backup to complete the arrest along with sending an ambulance for his injury, all done through the Apple Watch.

    Once the arrest had been made and Sosa received the relevant medical care, Wheeler was given an award for her quick actions that saved the life of Sosa.

    Sosa thanked Wheeler by saying: “The dispatcher saved my life because I was able to continue fighting, and she was able to send resources I needed out there.”

    Take a look at Sgt. Sosa relive the experience below:


    Image credit: Pixabay

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