Apple Watch saves a cyclist’s life after being swept away in a river

Date:1 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

The trusty Apple Watch has once again been called into action after it managed to save a cyclist who was swept off his bike into the River Wye in the UK.

According to the BBC, the river’s strong current carried the cyclist roughly 1.6 kilometres downriver when he fell in. Luckily, he was able to grab onto a tree branch to stop himself from being carried further.

The cyclist then somehow managed to call emergency rescue services directly from his Apple watch, all while still holding onto the branch. He was able to get in contact with the local fire control, who eventually found him and rescued him.

“He was speaking to our fire control whilst he was clinging onto a tree, via his Apple Watch, which worked wonderfully well for us to actually get to him as quickly as possible,” Station commander Sean Bailey told the BBC.

The cyclist was rescued around 1.6 kilometres from where he initially fell into the river. Bailey described him as a ‘very lucky man’, as even the station’s strongest swimmers would have struggled in the fast-flowing part of the river.

“He is a very lucky man to have been able to get hold of a branch and then spend probably 20 minutes in the water whilst he’s clinging onto that branch, we’re very surprised he didn’t lose his grip,” Bailey added.

Picture: Unsplash


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