Are you ready 4 the next Galaxy?

Credit: @SamsungMobileUS
Date:14 March 2013 Tags:, , ,


Samsung Mobile is preparing to launch its Galaxy IV… or is it?

Although the company doesn’t specifically mention the S IV by name, it has revealed that the launch of “The Next Galaxy” is set for 14 March at 7 pm in New York City Times Square (1 am on Friday, 15 March, in South Africa).

Ahead of the much-anticipated announcement, Samsung has circulated the following teasers:



* “Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy” teaser video part 1 – Meet Jeremy Maxwell, the secret messenger of the Samsung UNPACKED 2013 campaign:

* “Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy” teaser video part 2 – Jeremy, the secret messenger of Samsung UNPACKED 2013, takes a peek at The Next Galaxy:

* A street performance by the Samsung Unpacked 2013 crew in New York’s Times Square:

* Last, but not least, @SamsungMobileUS tweeted a picture of the new smartphone:

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