Artiphon Instrument 1: music, but not as we know it

Date:10 August 2013 Tags:,

After an attention-grabbing debut at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, Artiphon has announced the imminent availability of its unusual and strangely compelling pro-grade music-maker, dubbed Instrument 1. Drawing on the genealogy of multiple species of stringed instruments, it features a six-string, six-fret virtual fingerboard for your left hand and a velocity-sensitive strum section for your right. Hi-fi stereo speakers, a 30-watt amplfier and lithium-ion battery complete the hardware package.

Working through a docked iPhone or iPod Touch for easy access to synthesiser, studio and configuration apps, the Instrument 1 is great for travelling musos, its compact size, long battery life and musical versatility making it a worthy sidekick. A headphone jack means you get to choose whether to keep your sound to yourself or share it with the world. It’s even a powerful music education tool, for heaven’s sake. Picture a bunch of students, each playing a device they can hold, strum and tune to their heart’s content.

Here’s a hands-on look at the Artiphon Instrument 1:

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