Aston Martin creates first-ever motorcycle: the AMB 001

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Date:6 November 2019 Author: Imogen Searra Tags:

Two luxury British brands, Aston Martin and Brough Superior, have joined forces to create the first-ever Aston Martin motorcycle. The limited-edition, track-only sports bike is an ingenious, beguiling piece of machinery.

The motorbike has been crowned the AMB 001 and was hand-assembled at Brough Superior’s factory in Toulouse, France.

To further celebrate the collaboration of these two titan brands, Brough released its first turbocharged V-twin motor, giving the bike 180 horsepower. The AMB 001 weighs around 180 kgs.

“The AMB 001’s exclusive technical features include a chassis configuration with a double wishbone front fork and structural carbon fibre body.

In keeping with its track-inspired pedigree, the AMB 001 is presented with ultra-lightweight Aston Martin wings, which sit under the lacquer of the bodywork on the nose and the tank.  These are the same nine-micron stainless steel wings that adorn the Aston Martin Valkyrie,” said the company in a statement.

Marek Reichman, the car brand’s Chief Creative Officer, has designed the AMB 001 to be quintessentially Aston Martin with state-of-the-art Brough Superior engineering.

“Aston Martin may be 106 years-old but the forward momentum of this company is inspiring, for every area of the business but for Design in particular,” said Reichman.

“The same people who work on the design of our cars have worked on the AMB 001. These people are absolute experts and have delivered many of the special project cars that we have designed. Unlike at other car companies, our designers have the full breadth of experience and I think this is showcased in this aspirational bike.”

Only 100 AMB 001s will be created and sold. Buyers can expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $120 000 or R1,775,514.


Image: Aston Martin






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