AudioMotion wireless speaker system

Date:16 June 2014 Tags:, , , , ,

Rigging up your home to become a party hotspot is a cinch thanks to AudioMotion’s Speaker System. What it does is combine LED lighting, speakers and 2,4 GHz wireless audio signal transmission into a single unit that looks like a large light bulb. And yes, you install it just like you would a normal light bulb. No wires, no fuss.

The docking station works with most Apple products, and its AUX input takes care of the rest. The AudioMotion speaker system has a 15-metre range, and can accommodate up to 8 speakers. The 10-watts-per-channel digital amplifier features digital signal processing and 6,3-cm full-range high-performance drivers. The 5-watt super bright LEDs are said to produce as much light as 50 W incandescent bulbs.

The basic AudioMotion system (which comes with a remote control) comprises docking station and two speakers; an active subwoofer is available.

Price: about R2 200. Contact CornerSpeed on 011-318 2052 or visit

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