AutoX unleashes its fleet of driverless ‘robotaxis’ in Shenzhen

Date:4 December 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

AutoX is officially the first company to put a fleet of autonomous driverless taxis on the streets of Shenzhen in China. There is, however, a caveat. The driverless vehicles will not be made available to the public, according to reports from TechCrunch.

The fact that a fleet of autonomous vehicles will be roaming around the streets of a busy city like Shenzhen is a feat in itself. AutoX claims it was able to achieve this milestone after it managed to develop a 5th generation autonomous driving system that features blind spot sensing, “4D” radar sensors, and a pair of LiDAR sensors on the side of the vehicles.

Thanks to this technology, the robotaxis are able to identify and react to objects all around them. AutoX says their autonomous taxis are able to work all elements of the road, including the ability to navigate around illegally-parked cars through to unprotected U-turns.

Take a look at the RoboTaxis in action below:

“AutoX’s RoboTaxi fleet has been deployed in the Nanshan District — the downtown tech center of Shenzhen. Our fleet was the first in China to navigate the downtown traffic in a mega-city such as Shenzhen from any point to any point,“ AutoX said on its website.


Picture: AutoX

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