Battery-powered machinery making waves in the farming industry

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With the rise of female farmers and a greater emphasis on sustainable agriculture, battery-powered products are not only environmentally friendly, but also ensure female farmers can care for their farms just as effectively as their male counterparts.

“There is so much evidence to validate the current move to battery power, particularly in agriculture, and especially for women,” explains Jenna Robinson, Go to Market Manager for Husqvarna.

Jenna says that whilst there is a massive range of battery-powered equipment on the market, there are three products – chainsaws, brush-cutters and polesaws –that are particularly helpful for farmers, and more specifically women farmers. “Traditionally, most of this equipment has been operated by men but, with the advent of new technology, women are now also able to productively manage these tools as well. Right from starting the machine (no more arm-breaking pull-cords) to lifting it and using it effectively.”

Jenna offers seven reasons why she believes battery is better not only for the ladies, but all farmers:

Lighter and simpler: The weight and complexity of petrol-powered tools has meant that very few women have been able to operate them. But, the introduction of battery-powered versions has changed all that; they are lighter (up to 40% lighter) and easier to use. Plus, with the current trend of diversified farming, being able to use labour across multiple tasks is invaluable.

Lower operating costs: When comparing a new purchase of a petrol and battery-powered machine, the initial outlay is more on battery-powered but the savings in operating the battery-powered version will mean you’ve made back the money in approximately 6-months.

Less theft: The value of fuel seems to increase daily and that only makes the age-old issue of it being stolen more acute. With battery power, that concern is cancelled. Besides the fuel, there’s also less incentive to steal the equipment itself as it is pretty useless without the charger, which can always be kept apart from the machine.

Fewer repairs: Petrol machines require a special mix of 2-stroke oil with the petrol. Forgetting this oil or getting the ratio wrong will result in engine damage and repair bills. This limits who you can trust to refuel your machines. Not so with a simple battery change!

Increase productivity: Simple ergonomics; by using lighter machines that vibrate less you reduce fatigue and operators can work better, for longer (be they men or women).

Environmentally friendly: Battery machines don’t run on fossil fuels or emit fumes like petrol ones. They’re also quieter which means less hearing damage for consistent users.

Cleaner: If you’ve ever witnessed the refuelling of petrol equipment, you’ll know how much petrol gets sloshed around; on the grass, on the machine, on your shoes. And then the wind blows and there’s dust and dirt stuck to everything … it’s a gritty, corrosive affair. Batteries are so much cleaner!

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