• Beauty Fires’ Zero wood-burning fireplace

    The Beauty Fires Zero - Living up to its name
    Date:1 June 2012 Tags:, ,

    Baby, it’s warm outside

    Meet the Zero wood-burning fireplace from Beauty Fires. If you’re looking for a stylish focal point at your next patio party and don’t want your guests to turn blue while they’re waiting for their canapés (it’s winter, remember), the Italian-designed Zero fireplace by Beauty Fires could work for you.

    It comes with a lid that shuts off the combustion chamber in the event of rain, and storage space around the chamber for enough wood to last the evening (and beyond). It is supplied in two sizes and in ready-to-assemble kit form. Prices on request from Beauty Fires; e-mail info@beautyfires.com or call 011-262 0258.

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