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Date:31 January 2018 Tags:,

Honeycomb system provides innovative strain relief design for cables

There’s no end of lessons to be learnt from the insect world, it seems. One of the latest is a new take on cable strain relief. Cable carriers (also known as cable track or e-chain) are the umbilical cord of modern machines. Individual cables have to be fixed to these tracks, a time-consuming job. Cable tiewraps are typically used to secure cables, but can often only be used once. That’s why there’s intense interest in a revolutionary new design based on bees’ familiar hexagonal honeycomb.

For its energy supply systems, motion plastics specialist Igus has developed a unique strain relief system with a honeycomb structure. Cables and hoses can simply and gently be pressed into the honeycomb. The structure is then closed, causing the outer walls of the honeycomb cavities to be pushed gently, but extremely tightly, around the cables. In this way, the structure simply adapts to the cable diameters. The honeycomb can be mounted in seconds; compared with tiewraps or other strain relief solutions, the user saves about 80 per cent assembly time. The new system also saves space and protects the cables in the e-chain and is much more flexible, as the system is easy to open, to insert new cables or to replace them. The universal strain relief system is available in horizontal or vertical versions.

Source: Igus

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