Want a bigger boat? Just press a button!

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We’ve encountered many strange and exciting boat designs over the years, but this one ranks as a first – a big motor yacht that can double its deck area in just 12 seconds. Meet the appropriately named Wider 42…

WIDER IS AN INNOVATIVE YACHTING COMPANY founded in 2010 by Italian Tilli Antonelli. Its first effort was the Wider 42, a high-performance, lightweight model built according to the very latest vacuum-infusion moulding techniques, using carbon, vinylester resins and other components in vacuum “pre-preg” carbon. Developed with the help of Mark Wilson, an acknowledged expert in the field of racing yachts, it features excellent weight distribution, stepped hull technology, an Arneson Drive and high-performance propellers. Okay, that’s the conventional part of the story out of the way.

What is really attracting the attention of boat show visitors across the United States is the boat’s ability to expand its deck area (they call it the “cockpit”) within 12 seconds at the press of a button.

When opened out, the central cockpit provides a ‰ at, usable surface area of 18 m‹ – or, as the company puts it, “the equivalent of the cockpit of a 40-metre megayacht – and a ‰ otation width of 6,6 metres. Besides creating additional space on board, this feature makes the yacht highly stable, since the stainless steel hull extensions are lowered to make contact with the water.

That’s not where the boat’s high-tech credentials end. At the helm, you’ll find a GPSMap 7012 Garmin chart plotter equipped with a 30-cm touchscreen display featuring the new G-Motion technology, which allows for extraordinary
fluidity when switching from one screen to another, with imperceptible updates of the different zoom levels and 3D graphics.

Next on the company’s boatbuilding menu is the formidably large (46-metre) Wider 150, featuring a hybrid propulsion system (diesel/electric) that reportedly assures buyers of low fuel consumption and an excellent range – a useful eight hours on the batteries only, with all on-board appliances in use. Top speed is 20 knots.

The boat comes with a number of other, equally compellingšfeatures, among them a large tender accommodated in the transom. A ‰ floating launch system allows the tender to dock and leave with minimal fuss, the vacated space becoming a salt-water swimming pool if required (also known as the sea!).šThe forward area is designed to house two additional tenders and a covered garage that can accommodate two jet skis or perhaps a Tesla Roadster.

We’re not sure what all this will cost, but it’s safe to assume that it will be rather a lot.

‘Men have become the tools of their tools. – Henry David Thoreau

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