Keep on swimming with BIKI, the underwater drone

  • BIKI is a compact underwater drone with advanced bionic tech. Image credit: Robosea
Date:23 May 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, ,

Meet BIKI, the world’s first wireless bionic underwater drone that captures high-quality footage. BIKI is just as cute as it it functional.

This fish-like drone is designed by Robosea – a tech company specialising in underwater automation equipment. Its small and lightweight design makes it thirty per cent more efficient than standard unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). How light is it? BIKI weighs just over one kilogram. And it’s fast for its size. The drone’s bionic fishtail design allows it to reach speeds of up to 1,8 kilometres per hour.

An infrared positioning sensor allows the drone to avoid obstacles automatically and adapt to differing and complex environments. It is also fitted with a GPS sensor. So unlike Marvin losing Nemo in the blockbuster Finding Nemo, you’re not likely to lose your bionic fish.

The powerful onboard camera is capable of capturing photos and videos in 4K Ultra HD. The 124 degree wide-angle lens has got you covered with a 16MP photo at 30 fps, making it the best view from underwater. It has an impressive 32 GB of internal memory and 150 minutes battery running time on a single charge.

BIKI on the inside


The drone isn’t exactly a deep-sea gadget, because it can only reach a depth of 59.74 metres. But it makes up for this with the self-stabilising camera tech to provide smooth videos and sharp photos even during high-speed motion or in darkness. BIKI’s smart technology also includes ABS, weathering resistance and temperature resistance of 0 to 70 degrees Celsius.

You can operate the UUV through the user friendly smartphone app which allows you to design a route to explore the underwater world freely. Share your most incredible underwater pictures via the live transmission to your smartphone on social media.

Still in it’s development stage the BIKI team is continuously testing and improving to make BIKI better for you. Follow BIKI on Facebook to stay tuned for their launch date or sign up here to receive 40% off.

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