BioLite Campstove

Date:5 October 2013 Tags:, ,

Chow ‘n charge

After a fun-filled day outdoors, it’s not just your tummy that needs a recharge. The batteries powering your gadgets (think smartphones, navigational devices, LED lights and the like) are also bound to be taking strain – which is where the BioLite CampStove comes into the picture. Using thermoelectric technology, it converts heat into electricity, which powers a fan that makes the stove flame über efficient, then goes a step further and employs surplus energy to charge small electronic devices via a USB cable.

To give you an idea of how well it works: an iPhone 4S, after being charged for 20 minutes, delivers up to 60 minutes of talk time (note, however, that charging times will vary depending on the device and the intensity of the fire). Because it’s such an efficient burner, you can cook your meals using nothing more than the twigs you’ve collected on your meanderings. Price: about R2 700. Contact Yuppie Gadgets on 021-557 9958 or visit www.yuppiegadgets.

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