BLACK DIAMOND 75-litre MERCURY backpack

Date:1 October 2013 Tags:, ,

Take a hike

Hitting a trail with an ill-fitting backpack will have you visiting a chiropractor in no time. Black Diamond’s 75-litre Mercury backpack is kitted out with an ergoACTIV suspension system designed to move ergonomically with your body to minimise physical stress. The key to its efficacy is a proprietary, custom-shaped ball joint that attaches the hip belt to the frame. This allows the hip belt, and by extension, the wearer, to move in an unrestricted manner in any direction.

The “swing arm” shoulder straps move in concert with your stride by sliding through the bottom of the pack via a low-friction cable and housing. Each strap is linked to the other by the cable to maintain an even, balanced load across both shoulders. The bag itself features an open air back panel, waterproof taping on top and bottom, compartment divider, side and hip belt pockets as well as front and internal organiser pockets. Price: about R2 400. Contact RAM Mountaineering on 021-532-0549 or visit

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