BladeFish 5000 DPV

Date:22 November 2012 Tags:, ,

As any seasoned scuba diver will tell you, the less effort expended on a dive, the more time you get to spend underwater. It all comes down to air consumption. Basically, the more you exert yourself, the faster you suck your breathing tank dry.

The BladeFish 5000 DPV (dive propulsion vehicle) takes the sweat out of exploring our oceans. Equipped with advanced circuitry, double seals, two 18-volt lithium-ion batteries and a battery life meter, it will propel you to depths of up to 40 metres and keep you down there for as long as two hours (you’d better not ignore your dive tables, though; technology can do only so much).

Weighing just 4.9 kg, the DPV achieves near-neutral buoyancy in the water and can move you along at over 5 km/h. Its “ready to go” charge time of two hours (a full charge requires four hours) should fit quite nicely into your between-drive “outgassing” schedule. Price: about R5 000. Contact The Gadget Shop on 012-346 2726 or visit

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