Bosch PPR250 electric paint roller

Bosch PPR250 electric paint roller
Date:23 July 2012 Tags:, ,

Painting can be a frustrating, messy affair if you don’t do it properly. Here’s one way to make it go smoothly: use Bosch’s new electric paint roller, the PPR250. It delivers a consistent and virtually drip-free flow of paint directly from the bucket to its 25 cm-wide paint roller, making it easy to paint large areas such as walls and ceilings. It’s reportedly able to cover an area of 2 m² per minute, and can pump anything from 0 to 400 ml of paint in that time. It comes with a 5 m hose, so you won’t be cut off from your supply. A universal tap connection allows for super-quick cleaning.

Price: about R1 500. Contact Robert Bosch on 011-651 9802 or visit


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