Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver

Date:3 January 2013 Tags:, ,

Scratching around in your tool box in search of the desired bit for your cordless screwdriver can be an absolute pain.

Bosch’s PSR Select cordless screwdriver solves this problem by providing an integrated cylinder containing 12 standard bits. Getting your hands on the right one couldn’t be easier: all you need do is turn the cylinder until the required bit appears in the viewing window, press the switch behind the cylinder to push the bit forward into the holder, then carry on working as normal.

Weighing in at 500 g, this handy tool is powered by a 3,6 V lithium-ion battery that can drive up to 90 screws (up to 5 mm in diameter) per charge. The battery has hardly any self-discharge and doesn’t suffer from the dreaded memory effect.
As a result, it’s ready for use even after a long break. A built-in LED lights up dark work areas. Price: about R850. Contact Bosch on 011-651 9802 or visit

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