Bosch reinvents the car sun visor

Date:8 January 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

Over the years vehicles have evolved to the point where they’re pretty much able to drive themselves. However, one thing that has barely changed in the almost 12 decades since Henry Ford first released the Model T is the good old sun visor, despite the fact that it clearly obstructs the driver’s view when in use.

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, thousands of car accidents can be traced back to sun glare each year. Three Bosch engineers are offering a solution to this problem with the revolutionary Virtual Visor, a transparent LCD and intuitive camera, which completely rethinks the conventional sun visor. The virtual visor works by using facial recognition technology to locate the driver’s face. Algorithms then analyze the driver’s view and darkens only the section of the display where sunlight light hits the driver’s eyes and obstructs their view. The rest of the display remains transparent, allowing the driver to see the road.

“We discovered early in the development that users adjust their traditional sun visors to always cast a shadow on their own eyes. This realisation was profound in helping simplify the product concept and fuel the design of the technology,” said Jason Zink, technical expert for Bosch and one of the creators of the Virtual Visor.

Despite receiving the Best of Innovations award at CES for the in-vehicle Entertainment & Safety category, the virtual visor will not be heading to vehicles just yet, although Bosch is currently in discussions with OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) from the vehicle market.

“We have every intention of making this a real product,” Zink said.

Image: Bosch

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