Boston Dynamics robot dog is getting an arm upgrade in 2021

Date:27 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Boston Dynamics robot dog Spot has been making headlines over the last few months. It has been spotted taking an evening stroll with its owner, and even featured on Adam Savage’s ‘Tested’ YouTube channel where he put the robot through its paces in a series of tests.

All that publicity explains how Boston Dynamic managed to sell 250 Spot robots since it started commercial sales in June 2020. With a starting price of R1.2 million [$75,000], customers also had the option to purchase accessories for the new robot. These include charging bricks, lidar and camera kits.

However, there is one accessory that customers haven’t been able to get their hands on, despite it being seen in some of the earliest promotional videos. That being an extendable arm which protrudes from between its shoulder blades. Now, it looks as though Spot will finally be receiving that much needed appendage come January 2021.

Take a look at Spot using its arm below:

As part of the arms standard programing, Spot will be able to use the arm to both open doors and pick up a variety of items.

While speaking with TechCrunch, Boston Dynamics CEO Rob Playter said- “like the base robot, there’s much more to the arm than just hardware. It will ship with an intuitive UI, and be equipped to operate through both telemanipulation and supervised autonomous behaviors via the tablet.”

Unfortunately Boston Dynamics have yet to release a price for the new arm accessory, but if the R26,500 price for the charging brick or R500k asking price for lidar and camera kits are anything to go buy, you can expect this accessory to cost an arm and a leg.

Picture: Screenshot from video




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