• A brief history of Internet firsts

    Date:4 May 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , , , , ,

    The Internet and some Internet-based services are so integral to our daily lives that we tend to forget that it started not too long ago. To celebrate some of the firsts of our favourite websites and services SSLs.com created the infographic below. We’ve also added links to some of the Internet firsts for you to check out yourself.

    The first domain name registered: Symbolics.com
    The first search engine: Archie Query Form
    The first World Wide Web website: World Wide Web virtual library. Sadly the page originally created by the European Organization for Nuclear Research no longer exists, but a replica of the original website is available to view here.
    The first image uploaded: Les Horribles Cernettes
    The first blog: Links to the Underground posted by Justin Hall.
    The first banner ad: Created by Hotwired, now known as Wired.com. Read all about the first ad and see what the it looks like, here.
    The first social network: Classmates.com
    The first YouTube video: Me at the Zoo by Jawed Karim
    The first Reddit post: A link to the Downing Street Memo
    The first Twitter post: Tweeted by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey
    First Instagram post: An image of a dog and a sandal uploaded by co-founder Kevin Systrom

    Internet firsts Infographic

    A brief history of Internet firsts

    Click on the image to open the complete infographic.


    Source: DesignTaxi

    Image credit: SSLs.com

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