Bump cellphone charger untangles your life

  • All the Bump's parts fit into each other, with the wall plug neatly foldingaway also. Image credit: Karim Rashid
  • The Bump comes in three parts: a cable holder (left), the charging cable (middle), and the on the right. Image credit: Karim Rashid
  • The Bump is all about keeping things simple. Image credit: Karim Rashid
Date:6 April 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , ,

Did you know that an proximate 3,5 days of your life is spent untangling cables? Yes, that might sound a little extreme. But with that in mind an inventor and a designer have teamed up to bring you the Bump: a multi-purpose device that puts a cable, holder, wall plug and power bank into one device.

The Bump was designed by world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid and inventor Richard Smiedt in an effort to bring elegance and functionality to peripherals. The pair hope that the Bump will become the universal peripheral solution for smartphones and tablets. With its rounded, yet sleek design, the Bump is quite fashion forward.

It comes in three parts. The centre most part comprises of a wall plug and a power bank. When charging a device the Bump will prioritize it, before recharging its 3 400 mAh battery. The power bank’s charge status is reflected by the amount of illuminated LEDs, each of the four lights reflect 25% of the total charge. Secondly is the outer part of the Bump: the cable holder. The third part is the cable that can be quite easily rolled up and stored in the holder. The holder then fits snugly over the centre piece, making it one hand-sized unit.

Currently available on pre-order for $65 (about R1 000), the Bump is currently only fitted with a two prong Type A charge input. This means it will only work in Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, parts of Central and South America, the UAE, the Philippines etc. But not to worry! The team are working on developing the Bump to be compatible with other countries.

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