Canon SA launches Academy for passionate photographers

Date:10 September 2021 Author: Micayla Vellai Tags:, , ,

There comes a time in our lives when we all have this great vision of mastering the art of photography. And who can blame us? Cape Town is a stunner and we’re here for the memories. Sunsets on Chapman’s Peak, and sneaky snaps at Sea Point Pavilion.

But life has a way of becoming too busy as that deep desire slowly fades into the abyss. The good news is that Lady Luck is on your side with a second chance worth grabbing. So if you consider yourself to be an amateur photographer, then your night is about to be made. Canon SA is thrilled to announce the launch of the Canon Academy, a programme dedicated to empowering South Africans through photography.

The academy offers photography workshops and learning experiences which are available online. These workshops offer great practical experience, tackling an array of topics that help expand personal portfolios of participants while giving them a taste of what is out there in the world of photography.

In order to discover and develop your niche, small learning groups have been created to allow for increased interaction and more access to the workshop leaders. The first additions to the Academy site will be video clips recorded as part of the Canon Collective Facebook group.

During the South African lockdown period 2020 into 2021, Canon identified a need to assist photographers and therefore launched the Canon Collective initiative on Facebook to help beginners and enthusiasts with hints and tips around specific genres of photography.

Canon SA also has plans to add a professional section complete with roundtable discussions, pro photographer interviews and tech talk video clips -yay!

The participants will have full and FREE access to take part – anytime, anywhere. It was through the amplification of Canon’s four pillar approach, which includes innovation, sustainability, the future, and empowering talent – that the Canon Academy came to life.

The idea is to provide training and exposure to photographers who may not have previously had access to such tools and knowledge with hopes of instilling a passion for not only photography, but a passion for Africa.

If you’d like to take part in the Canon Academy or for more information on how to start your journey as a professional photographer, visit:

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