Casio’s Privia PX-3 Digital Stage piano

Casio's Privia PX-3 Digital Stage piano
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Making a joyful noise is a breeze with Casio’s Privia PX-3 Digital Stage piano. It features 250 onboard tones, extensive editing functions, insert effects and the ability to use tone modules and software-based instruments.

This is a serious performance tool: its ivory touch keyboard finish gives it an authentic piano touch, and the scaled hammer action provides the weight, feel and resistance of a piano without sacrificing portability (it weighs about 11 kg). Four layers of stereo piano examples are integrated into its proprietary linear morphing system to deliver realistic grand piano sound. How realistic? It even uses Acoustic Resonance DSP to simulate the sound of open strings when the dampers are raised by means of the pedal.

But it’s a lot more than just a piano, featuring 128-note polyphony and the ability to layer sounds. It can, in fact, be customised to suit the user’s needs. If that’s not enough, the PX-3 can be used as a master keyboard to control two or more slave keyboard units. Price: about R15 000. Contact distributors James Ralph on 011-314 8888 or visit

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