Caviar just created the world’s most unnecessary iPhone 12

Date:14 December 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Apple has built a reputation for releasing most of its products at extraordinary prices. However, any true collector will know that older Apple products, in particular, the companies first computer, the Apple 1 is where the real money is, with one selling for close to $1 million at a charity auction in 2016.

Now, it looks as though the people at Caviar, a company that specialises in making extremely expensive custom iPhones, has decided to gut out the iconic Apple 1 to create their latest device, ‘iPhone 12  Apple 1’

As you would expect with a name like that, Caviar decided to incorporate a fragment of the circuitry of the iconic PC into an iPhone 12 Pro. The reasoning behind this baffling decision was to give customers a chance to hold a piece of history, according to the Caviar website.

Take a look at the device below:

Owning a piece of history, as Caviar would describe it, doesn’t come cheap. The company is charging a whopping R148,233 [$9,900] for the smartphone. Keep in mind that while the exterior of the iPhone 12  Apple 1 might be unique, at the end of the day it is still just an iPhone 12, which will essentially be outdated by next year.

Thankfully, Caviar only plans on producing nine iPhone 12  Apple 1’s, with customers having the option to choose between the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.


Picture: Twitter/@rommanapps


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