CES 2015: Wearables and the Internet-of-Things

CES 2015 runs from 6 - 9 January in Las Vegas, USA.
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The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is poised to unveil the products and trends that will shape our futures when it kicks off on the 6th of January in Las Vegas, USA. As the hype-building precursor event, CES Unveiled, indicated the Sunday before, this year it’s all about wearable tech and, most of all, the internet of things (IoT).

Wearable Tech

The eye-catcher in wearable tech at the CES Unveiled event was Visijax, a lightweight nylon high-visibility jacket ingeniously paired with technology.

Visijax, the brain-child of Andy Li, aims to seamlessly boost the visibility and safety of cyclists by providing a rugged and practical jacket strategically lined with smart LEDs.

When a rider lifts an arm to indicate an upcoming turn, the embedded LEDs on that arm light up and flash for a further 5 seconds after the arm has been lowered. There are also other smart LED systems covering the jacket that increase visibility in even the lowest of light conditions.

Visijax has an impressive 30-hour battery life between charges, and is completely waterproof to suit the real life challenges of a cyclist in the great outdoors.

The jacket is also fully machine-washable, with no damage to the circuitry or batteries.



The Internet of Things

When it comes to the real buzzword of this year’s show at CES there have been mostly rumours and only a few definitive reveals in the field of the internet-of-things. Tuesday promises to reverse that trend as more than 900 exhibitors will showcase their inventions, products and services that will connect everyday devices to the network.

“The ‘Internet of Things’ is the hottest topic in tech right now,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, International CES and corporate business strategy, CEA.

“It’s all about the opportunity to connect everyday items – cars, home security systems and kitchen appliances, for instance – to networked devices such as PCs and smartphones for greater control and management of our everyday lives. We’re excited that the 2015 CES will bring together all of the companies and products that are making this a reality.”

The Sensors Marketplace will highlight one of the key technologies enabling the IoT. Exhibitors participating in the marketplace include eyeSight Mobile Technologies, Logbar and QuickLogic.

In addition to this, the Smart Home Marketplace will showcase a smarter, more efficient home accelerated by smartphones and tablets interacting with a myriad of connected objects and devices, from basic security systems to connected lighting systems. Some of the 2015 CES exhibitors expected to showcase IoT technologies include Bosch, Lowe’s, Konnect Labs, iDevices, Muzzley and Blinksight among many others.

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