Chameleon action camera from Oregon Scientific

Date:3 August 2013 Tags:,

Chameleons have the incredible knack of being able to rotate their eyes in completely different directions. So, it makes perfect sense that Oregon Scientific named their latest action camera after these little critters. The Chameleon features dual lenses – each with a 170-degree field of view – positioned at each end so you can film forwards and backwards at the same time. Each lens can, in turn, be rotated a full 180 degrees.

Playback automatically syncs the footage from both lenses, giving you an immediate split image (720p per lens) without any fancy editing. The internal battery is said to be good for 2 hours of play. Its outer casing is splashproof and there’s an optional waterproof casing that’s rated for 60 metres. Prices vary from R2 500 to R3 000, so shop around. Contact Oregon Scientific on 021-508 4700 or visit

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