Checkers reveals cashless concept store, no tills

Date:22 August 2021 Author: Micayla Vellai Tags:, , , , ,

Customers are always searching for ways to make their shopping experience quick and effortless, and what’s more convenient than a store that has no checkout, and no queues?

This is exactly what the Shoprite Group put into motion with the trial of Checkers Rush – an automated, cashless “no queues, no checkout, no waiting” concept store.

According to BusinessDay, this new store reflects a strategy by the Shoprite Group to use data science and technology in order to improve its stores through a programme called ‘ShopriteX’, which will essentially provide more convenient retailing and monitor customer behaviour.

Checkers Rush is currently located at the ShopriteX offices in Brackenfell, Cape Town and will initially only be available to employees. The trial store only has 40 products and allows employees to take products and walk out without paying at a checkout counter.

“At the ShopriteX offices above the new Checkers Hyper Brackenfell flagship store next to the Group’s home office, the division’s 250-strong team, including data science, e-commerce and personalisation experts, is working side by side with Shoprite’s IT team, combined a team of over 1,000 people, to create and implement new innovations,” the group said as per BusinessTech.

The group went on to explain that this concept is possible by using advanced AI-camera technology to identify the products being taken off the shelves. Checkers Rush will then bill the customer’s bank card upon exit.

In a cashierless store, customers would scan a smartphone app to enter, then cameras and sensors track what they remove from the shelves, Moneyweb adds.

ShopriteX was also responsible for the Xtra Savings rewards programme and the on-demand Checkers Sixty60 grocery delivery service.

“We are serious about being Africa’s most customer-centric retailer, and the launch of ShopriteX represents our investment in fit-for-the-future precision retail, which is increasingly digital and data-led,” said Pieter Engelbrecht Shoprite Group chief executive.

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