• China creates global data plan

    Date:9 September 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    China released a set of guidelines which it thinks should govern data rules globally. These are all based on the concept of data sovereignty.

    This comes after China and the US have continued the feud over fears about Chinese-based apps sending foreign data to their government in Beijing.

    Foreign Minister Wang Yi released the proposal which aims to set global standards regarding data worldwide. These include forbidding governments from accessing data acquired by companies in their overseas operations.

    Should this be enacted, it would resolve the fears felt by the US and make it possible for companies like ByteDance, Huawei and WeChat to operate and function for US citizens again.

    “To reduce the deficit in global digital governance, countries face a pressing need to step up communication and coordination, build up mutual trust and deepen cooperation with one another,” Wang said in the statement.

    However, the issue of trust is key to whether these data rules would be accepted by other countries, as many, including the US, do not trust the Chinese government.

    While the rules aim to make it easier for countries to trust each other and their data use, long-standing distrust and deeply embedded politics makes this difficult.

    Image: Unsplash

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