Chinese use 3D printing to produce recycled houses

  • Ten of these houses can be printed in 24 hours. Image credit:
  • After being printed the houses are assembled at the construction site. Image credit:
  • A larger model 3D printed house. Image credit:
Date:17 September 2015 Tags:, , ,

Chinese construction company WinSun has successfully harnessed 3D printing technology to produce houses in an effort to combat the global housing crisis.

The firm has created a large 3D printer that pumps out mortar – rather like a cake decorator using a piping bag. The base material used by the printer is manufactured from construction waste with an added chemical hardener. The machine layers the cement, in the same way a baker might ice a cake, to create separate parts of the house. These include the frame and walls. The pieces are then transported and joined together by builders at the construction site.

Using four of these printers, as many as ten houses roughly the size of a South African RDP house can be built in 24 hours, the company reports.

Watch the video above to see Jonathan Stickland from FW: Thinking discussing WinSun’s 3D printing process.

Source: True Activist


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