Cobra’s MT975 two-way radio

Cobra's two-way radio
Date:1 June 2012 Tags:, ,

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Losing your family in a shopping centre or out on the hiking trail is a non-issue if you’re equipped with Cobra’s MT975 two-way radio. This nifty radio – featuring 8 channels and 121 privacy codes (providing a total of 968 combinations), rechargeable batteries and an effective range of 12 km (terrain and conditions dependent) – is more useful than you can imagine.

The silent vibrate alert for incoming calls is great for noisy or all-quiet environments. Vox (voice activated transmission) detects your voice – the sensitivity is adjustable – and transmits without the need to press any buttons, freeing up your hands for other tasks. It can also be used as a baby monitor, and scans two channels simultaneously. Price: about R900 for two radios plus charger. Contact distributor Radio Holland on 011-805 1996.

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