Colorware Retrofies the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Date:12 November 2015 Tags:, , , ,

If the hipster inside of you feels that the “retro” multi-coloured Apple logo is more unique to the brand, then Colorware’s limited edition iPhone 6s and 6s Plus might be for you.

Limited to the outside of the device, the design is inspired by the Apple IIe from 1983. The iPhone’s outer casing is off-white (or vanilla as Colorware calls it), and fitted with imitation vents and the iconic rainbow Apple logo.

Only 25 phones will be sold per Retro model, but you’ll have to be pretty devoted to Apple as they come with a hefty price tag of about R24 000 – R10 000 more than the phone’s cash price.

If you’re keen on checking it out, click here to visit the Colorware website.


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