Compact, portable power

Flexopower"â„¢s SB25W SolarBlanket
Date:31 December 2006

Just because you like roughing it in the bush and travelling light doesn’t mean you have to leave all your electronic gizmos behind and become a hermit. Flexopower’s SB25W SolarBlanket fits easily into any backpack or 4×4 cubbyhole and produces enough power to charge laptops, satellite phones, GPS units and lots of other gizmos. Compact when folded, and weighing just 770g, the blanket is virtually indestructible. In fact, legend has it that you can stand on it, drive over it or even shoot it without interrupting the power delivery. If you like, you can link a few blankets together to charge hungrier appliances.

Expect to pay about R3 750. Contact Flexopower on 011-465 0022 or visit


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