Concept art for a handheld Xbox console goes viral

Date:22 January 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Microsoft has never been too interested in creating a handheld Xbox, which is quite peculiar seeing as its two main competitors, Sony and Nintendo, have both created portable, handheld consoles in the past. Now, it looks as though we finally have an idea of what a portable Xbox could look like, albeit from an unofficial source.

A TikTok user by the name of ImKashama has created a concept video in which he shows off what a handheld Xbox console potentially could look like, although don’t hold your breath for Microsoft to release a similar video anytime soon. ImKashama called his concept Xbox the ‘Xbox Series Z”, which is a clear play on the current naming scheme for the current-gen consoles.

In the video, the concept device looks similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo when it is still closed. Opening the Xbox Series Z is done with a simple click of the Xbox Logo, which reveals one large screen on top with the controls at the bottom. There also appears to be a smaller screen between the two collapsible joysticks, presumably used to show notifications or select your different games.

Take a look at the video below

@imkashamaXBOX Series Z Portable 🕹 #xbox #xboxseries #xboxseriesx #gamingvideos♬ WUNNA – Gunna

While the idea of Microsoft creating a handheld console may seem far fetched at first, the company did entertain the idea in the past. In 2016, IGN reported that Microsoft was looking to release its own handheld console, but was forced to bin the idea to focus on its other console projects.


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