• Cowboy E-bikes now include free crash detection technology

    Date:23 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Cowboy is an electric bicycle manufacture from Belgium was initially founded in 2017 with the goal of creating the most reliable, stylish, and safe urban electric bikes on the market. Over recent months Cowboy has been testing out a new safety feature for its e-bikes with thousands of users, and now it looks as though the company is ready to make that new feature freely available to owners of the Cowboy 2 and Cowboy 3 e-bike.

    The new safety feature uses sensors placed directly into the bike that enables both the Cowboy 2 and Cowboy 3 to detect when the rider has fallen off the bike. It is able to detect a fall thanks to a speed sensor in the wheel, a torque sensor that measures the force being applied to the pedal, and an accelerometer, all of which work together to determine if a crash a taken place, according to The Verge.

    If an accident has been detected and the rider does not confirm that everything’s okay within a minute of the accident taking place, the Bike will alert the rider’s emergency contacts with their exact location. It can do this thanks to a SIM card installed directly into the bike, which allows it to to use proper GPS signalling for location tracking.

    Cowboy have also refined the bikes crash detection algorithm, meaning a sudden emergency break, dropping your bike on its side, or just hitting a really bad pothole wont trigger an emergency crash response from the bike, with the Cowboy claiming to have reduced the number of false positives to “close to zero.”

    Along with an advanced crash detection system, Cowboy’s e-bikes come equipped with a carbon belt transmission that only requires maintenance every 30,000 kilometres, puncture-resistant tyres, and hydraulic disc breaks.

    Image credit: Twitter/@techbuzzinfo


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