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Date:5 August 2021 Author: Micayla Vellai Tags:, , , , , , ,

Cheeba Africa, a cannabis health and wellness company has announced a new, exciting venture which entails a broadcasting deal with Cape Town TV! This has resulted in Craft Cannabis TV content also reaching DStv audiences across the African continent – and we all know what that means, more access to high quality cannabis edutainment.

Over the past year, the Craft Cannabis TV channel has engaged with local and international industry specialists to produce content that covers many aspects of the industry from legalities to medical use, educational growing instruction to celebrating culture.

Cheeba Africa co-founder and CEO, Trenton Birch says, “Craft Cannabis TV has a well-earned reputation locally for documenting the South African cannabis industry and bringing global perspectives to our loyal audience. We are excited about this partnership with Cape Town TV which has the potential to now bring this expert, interesting and enjoyable cannabis content to DStv viewers across Africa, on Channel 263.

“This gives Cheeba Africa more opportunities to present modern perspectives on cannabis use, to help build a sustainable and responsible African cannabis industry and actively challenge the outdated and erroneous views of cannabis that linger because of both current and historical legislation.”

And that’s not all – DStv and Cape Town TV viewers can expect ‘big-picture’ Craft Cannabis TV programmes that explore the cannabis business opportunities and provide insights into large-scale growing. However, they can also learn all about hobby growing, how to make a cannabis smoothie and find out about the medicinal uses of cannabis from medical practitioners.

Co-founder and Head Of Media, Linda Siboto who has been a film producer for almost 20 years says, “Craft Cannabis TV content is classic edutainment – educational, yes, but delivered in an entertaining and dynamic way.  We cover all aspects of the industry and deep-dive into fascinating vertices. Our viewers are introduced to dynamics of the industry in Africa and will get insights into the serious potential of the cannabis space from socio-economic to health and well-being impacts.

“The traditional view of users as ‘stoners’ is all but over. As progress is made with regard to legislation issues, and Africa follows in the footsteps of the international community towards decriminalisation, a professionalism rooted in deep cannabis education and experience is on the rise. Cannabis has all the potential to become a unicorn industry across Africa.”

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