Cudo Gear HD video sunglasses

Date:5 January 2014 Tags:, , ,

Fancy the idea of capturing videos without getting into people’s faces with a camcorder? Cudo Gear’s shockproof HD Video Sunglasses represent a seriously cool option. The Cudo is capable of recording Full HD (1920x1080p) video at 30 fps, shooting 12 MP still photos and recording audio only, these cool shades effectively bundle three devices into one.

The built-in 5 V, 600 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery is reportedly good for four hours of continuous recording on a single charge, and a 32 GB microSD card lets you store 12 hours of video. Optional extras for Cudo Gear’s sunglasses include a variety of lenses (polarised, grey, yellow, red, clear and blue) to cater for specific situations such as driving, flying, hunting, filming at night or watching sports.

Price: about R2 300. To buy this product, go to

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