Cutting-edge music

Cutting-edge music
Date:30 September 2006 Tags:

The Swiss army knife pretty much defines multi-tasking. Even the humblest models combine an enviable array of capabilities, from biltong slicing to screw tightening. While traditionalists can still use it to remove stones from horses’ hooves, the recent addition of an MP3 digital audio player and USB drive has added a thoroughly modern twist to Victorinox’s distinctive product.

The quality knife blade, scissors and nail file are still there, but it’s the 1GB storage capacity that brings this tool into the 21st century. Apart from playing a variety of music files, it also includes an FM stereo radio and voice recorder. The remote control has two earphone jacks so you can share the good vibes. Other features include a standard USB plug with extension cable, a neck strap, arm strap and a protective pouch. For those worried about airport security, the data storage unit separates from the body.

Expect to pay about R1 750. Contact Sharp Edge Sharp Shooter on 011-883 3059/1856.


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