Design revealed for zero-emission plane

Date:11 February 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

Last year saw a significant amount of growth in the concept of flygskam, the idea of “flight shame” or feeling guilty about the contribution each flight you take makes towards climate change. As a result, people are opting to take other methods of transport where possible and some companies have come up with designs for more eco-friendly planes.

One such company is Joe Doucet X Partners who have revealed their designs for the futuristic Her0 Zero Emissions Passenger Plane.

The plane incorporates electric engines which are adapted for planes, the design and composition aim to minimise weight and maximise aerodynamics. The unique design deviates significantly from the modern airplane shame. The T-shaped plane has electric powered propellers at the back, with the wings way further back than usual.

It is still only a concept design but as with many industries, aviation companies are attempting to push for more environmentally planes.

“If you can make this something that is desirable, something that makes people question why it’s not there, you have a better chance of forcing the hand of the industry to respond to consumer demand,” Joe Doucet told CNN.

Last year, the first all-electric plane managed to fly for 15 minutes in Canada, marking a step towards this electric aviation future.

Image: Joe Doucet

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