Dish out doggy treats – by SMS

Man's best friend get a treat via SMS.
Image credit: Rich Nelson
Date:22 April 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf

An SMS-controlled dog treat dispenser that even takes pictures of your best friend has been developed. Rich Nelson designed and fabricated the dispenser to help with housetraining his French bulldog, Gus. Watch the video above to see the treat dispenser in operation.

How it works: The dispenser has its own phone number. When the number receives a message, a push API is triggered (the same function that notifies you when your lives have been replenished in Candy Crush). The dispenser runs on a Raspberry Pi that is linked to a Flask web server (a lightweight server for Raspberry Pi). The server scans the message content; if there are no specific commands, the servo motor inside the dispenser is triggered to get the dog’s attention. Now the camera will take a picture and upload it to Dropbox, while the treat is dispensed. After the Dropbox URL is received, the picture is messaged to the sender using the API.

Source: Rich Nelson

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