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    The SuperBand
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    The SuperBand

    Having to smear greasy, sticky lotions or sprays on your body to keep biting and stinging bugs at bay is a pain. The BugButton and SuperBand are totally dry, waterproof, non-toxic insect repellent solutions that you either pin to your clothing (great for small kids) or wear around your wrist or ankle.

    Both products are made from three natural oils found on the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s list of safe, non-toxic insecticides: citronella oil, Philippine geranium oil and Indonesian lemon grass oil. They’ve been cleverly infused into the plastic. Once removed from its sealed packaging the BugButton remains effective for 175 hours; the SuperBand works for 200 hours. The BugButton and SuperBand both cost about R25 (depending on the exchange rate). Contact distributor Lite Optec on 011-462 6986 or visit www.liteoptec.co.za

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