Drones light up Madrid sky in honour of COVID-19 victims

Date:30 June 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Spain has been hit hard by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. As of June 30, the country has over 290,000 coronavirus cases and over 28,000 deaths, according to worldometers.

As a way to remember the individuals who have lost their lives to COVID-19 and to pay tribute to the Spanish emergency service workers who put their lives at risk on a daily basis, a Spanish company named UMILES Group sent 40 pre-programmed drones with LED lights attached to them into the night sky over the city of Madrid to perform a 10-minute long aerial ballet and relay words of encouragement like ‘Hope’ and ‘Heroes’.

As part of the show, the drones also formed universally recognisable symbols like a heart, the Aids symbol, two people holding hands, and the flags of Spain, Italy, Germany, France, China, and the USA. The location of the show was kept a secret to prevent large crowds from forming.

Image: Twitter/@ProyectoBrujula

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