DStv updates its online platforms

Date:18 November 2020 Author: Leila Stein

DStv is on a serious mission to improve its online platforms so they can compete with major streaming sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

After rebranding their streaming service from DStv Now to just DStv, they’ve also begun a slow overhaul of the interface to make it more appealing.

Previously modelled after the decoder setup, users had a clunky click-through experience to “catch up” where there was poor searchability and only a few shows on offer.

Now, DStv has moved on to the more standard approach of having categories along the top of the screen so users can decide between TV shows, Movies, Sport etc.

Once you click on TV Shows, you are again greeted with a sub-bar that offers you to refine your search to reality TV, comedy, drama etc.

So far it is only the online webpage that has fully installed this update, however, MultiChoice confirmed it will be rolling out on the app soon.

Picture: DStv

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