Dune HD Connect home media player

Date:5 January 2014 Tags:, , , ,

Bigger isn’t always better, as evidenced by the Dune HD Connect media player. Designed to be stashed behind your TV, this diminutive player (it measures just 7,5 x 4x 1,5 cm) delivers Full HD video to any HDTV via its HDMI port.

Built-in Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet ports, along with a micro SD card slot, means you can access digital content from anywhere, including your home network. The built-in Web browser allows you to access your favourite sites from the comfort of your couch. You can also use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot to boost the range of your home network. It comes with a remote, and can be controlled by Apple and Android mobile devices.

Price: about R1 600. Contact distributors IntelloHome on 031-201 6437 or visit http://dunehd.co.za

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