Dutch order giant 150-turbine offshore wind farm

Prototype of the 150 turbines, each generating 4 MW, that will be installed in the North Sea. (www.siemens.com/press)
Date:22 May 2014 Tags:, , ,

An estimated one and a half million people will be supplied with energy from the largest ever project-financed offshore wind farm, off the Dutch coast. The R20 billion Gemini wind farm will generate 600 megawatts from 150 turbines.

Gemini will be located in the North Sea, 85 km from the Groningen coast. Its giant 4 MW Siemens turbines will have a rotor diameter of 130 metres. The farm is expected to yield 2,6 terawatt hours of electricity annually. Its energy output is said to be equivalent to cutting CO2 emissions by 1,25 million tons a year.

In terms of the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive, by 2020 the Netherlands must produce a 14 per cent of its energy from renewable sources. The country currently has an installed wind power capacity of 2,7 gigawatts (GW). Of this, 2,45 GW is onshore. It’s hoped to change that radically within less than 10 years, though. The Dutch are targeting 4,45 GW capacity offshore by to be 2023.

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