• Editor’s Choice: Parrot Jumping Sumo minidrone

    Date:6 November 2014 Tags:, , ,

    Ever wondered what your cat gets up to while it’s under the couch? Curious about the critters that live under the bushes in your garden? Then you might want to get your hands on Parrot’s Jumping Sumo Wi-Fi enabled minidrone. Actually, you might want one even if you don’t want to spy on cats or other critters, simply because it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

    Compatible with all smartphone and tablet operating systems via its free app, the gadget features a top-mounted camera that records and streams live wide-angle video feeds up to 50 metres (in open conditions). Designed for the rough ’n tumble outdoors, it features adjustable wheels that open for greater stability at high speeds (7 km/h) and retract to fit through narrow areas.

    Aside from being able to do loads of cool stuff – you know, like performing zig-zags, making quick 90-degree turns, spinning on the spot – it has a jumping feature that propels it up to 80 cm in height and distance. Thanks to its inertial unit, comprising a gyroscope and accelerometer, it always lands the right way up, ready for action. Cool extra: it comes with a “kicker” that employs a spring to push aside obstructions in its path.

    Price: about R2 500. Contact Yuppie Gadgets on 021-593 0000 or visit www.yuppiegadgets.com