Engineers hack scuba masks to use as ventilators

Date:26 March 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

Sporting goods giant Decathalon has worked with Italian engineers to create makeshift ventilators from scuba masks.

Ventilator shortage has become one of the main stumbling blocks of the COVID-19 response. Globally, hospitals don’t have enough ventilators and manufacturers can’t get them made fast enough. This has led to many ingenious hacks and solutions.

The conversion of the Easybreath scuba masks was done in combination with the Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems (ISINNOVA), in Rome.

The hack works by attaching the 3D printed valve to the mask. Watch the process here:

According to Jerusalem Post, ISINNOVA uploaded the means of converting a scuba mask into a functioning ventilator online, creating a video detailing the process. While the valve is patented, the video shows how other hospitals with access to a printer could make such a mask themselves.

“We clarify that the patent will remain free to use, because it is in our intention that all hospitals in need could use it if necessary,” ISINNOVA told The Mirror. 

Although approved in Italy for use, ISINNOVA said that while it works it should only be used in emergency situations.

“We are reiterating that the idea is designed for healthcare facilities and wants to help in realisation of an emergency mask in the case of a full-blown difficult situation, where is not possible to in find official healthcare supplies,” ISINNOVA said in a statement.

Image: RiardoMasutti/Twitter



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