Eton Raptor: Gadgets to go

Date:10 May 2013 Tags:, ,

Intrepid adventurers and other outdoor types may find Eton’s Raptor – an all-terrain phone charger, LED torch and digital AM/FM radio multi-device – rather handy. The rechargeable 1 800 mAh lithium battery can be charged in two ways: via its monocrystal solar panel (with charge indicator) or through the DC jack with mini-USB cable, using mains power. Once your phone is plugged into the USB port, it automatically receives a “dump charge”, allowing it to be used immediately.

Other functions include an altimeter, thermometer, barometer, compass and chronograph with alarm. There’s even a bottle opener (hey, survival is thirsty work) and a handy carabiner for clipping it on to your backpack. Oh, and if you’re worried about getting it wet, don’t fret – the Raptor is splashproof. Price: about R2 200.

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