Eton’s Solarlink FR650RDS multi-purpose outdoor radio:More than a radio

Date:23 April 2012 Tags:, ,

Camping is undoubtedly good for the soul, but unless you’re unnaturally serene by nature, you probably miss your cool gadgets. Eton’s Solarlink FR650RDS multi-purpose outdoor radio, with its very cool and useful features, can help relieve those withdrawal symptoms. You get a radio, torch, emergency siren, flashing beacon and cellphone charger, and the good news is that the device uses any of four different power sources. You can charge it via a hand-cranked dynamo or integrated solar panel, access the mains via a USB adaptor (not included), or simply insert three AA batteries.

The digital tuner comes with AM, FM, shortwave and longwave bands as well as RDS (radio data system) display. The torch, comprising four white LEDs and one red LED, features a magnifying lens. All connection points are equipped with rubber gaskets or plugs to seal out moisture. The radio also features a digital clock with alarm, snooze and sleep timer functions. Price: about R1 250. Contact Mantality on 011-462 5482 or visit

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