Europe consider banning Apple’s Lightening port

Date:17 January 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

The European Parliament will soon vote on whether all smartphones manufactureres will be compelled to use a universal charging port. This would mean that Apple, which is resisting standardisation, would most likely have to revert to another popular standard.

The purpose of this vote would be to discourage electronic waste, with chargers being thrown away because of incompatible charging ports.

This ban would only apply to EU countries, which means that while Apple may choose to keep its unique port. The American brand would then have to make batches of its devices with the EU standard port for specific sale in those countries. While it might still choose this option, should the vote pass, it would appear more efficient to comply with this standard across the board.

The EU parliament has been discussing this issue for a few years, asking for device makers to choose a standard in 2014. Most moved from USB to USB-C with the exception of Apple.

While it is likely that consumers would welcome this change, Apple believes that uniformity is not the answer.

Last year Apple argued in the EU Parliament why it has created its own standard for its devices. “Apple stands for innovation. Regulations that would drive conformity across the type of connector built into all smartphones freeze innovation rather than encourage it. Such proposals are bad for the environment and unnecessarily disruptive for customers,” it said.

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