EveryKey: The revolution of access control

Date:16 January 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , , , ,

Passwords and keys keeps our lives secure, but can be a hassle at times. Bring in EveryKey: a tiny device that promises to ease our access control.

What is EveryKey

EveryKey is a Bluetooth-enabled device that electronically identifies you to your personal property and accounts. The idea behind the device comes from co-founder and CEO, Chris Wentz through an entrepreneurship class at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. It has gained the interest, investment and endoresement of notorious web pioneer John McAfee to bring this product to the market. He appears in a humorous demo video and digital ad as seen below.

How does it work

EveryKey is simple to use and takes about a minute to set up and pair to your devices. When in close proximity, it disables all the security mechanisms on your devices and accounts so that you can gain access and locks automatically when you walk away.

The small black device promises a battery life of up to 30 days and is water resistant. The device’s “military grade” security allows you to have a different password for everything – even assists you in generating a safe and secure password without having to remember them.

For house door locks and car doors, EveryKey works as long as the lock is Bluetooth Low Energy compatible. A Bluetooth dongle will cost approximately $19 (R258.69) and is required for those using EveryKey with Windows 7 or 8.

Lost yours?

No worries. You can disable the device until you find it and can then reactivate it or purchase a new device at a discounted price. There is a replacement plan at about $29 (R396.28) available if your device is lost or stolen within 1 year of purchase. However, this plan can only be exercised once.

EveryKey: The revolution of access control

So how much does it cost? For about $128 (R1754.12) the device comes with a charging cable and key ring accessory. And is only available for purchase online.

For people with dozens of passwords and locks on a range of devices, EveryKey might be the solution that offers convenience while preserving top-notch security.

Images and video credit: EveryKey

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